Viziosphere Features

Navigation Modes

Viziosphere has 3 navigation modes that are automatically offered depending on the device used.


In addition to navigation, Viziosphere offers several types of interactivities.

Geotag Marking

Multimedia Inserts

Clues Search

Display options

Viziosphere has different display modes available depending on the type of device used.

Panoramic autorotation: The Viziosphere automatically performs 360 rotation
Full Screen: The menu and the icons give way to the Viziosphere that take all the space
Virtual Reality: The Viziospheres is displayed in stereoscopy compatible with VR glasses

Various Functions

Viziosphere is constantly enriched with new features.

Auto-adaptation of functions to device type
Multilingual content management
Visual customization
Integration of your brand image
Accessibility via QR Code
Compatible with social networks